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JC Micro LTD has quickly become a prominent technical services company after identifying three imperative technical support requirements of SMEs (Small And Medium Enterprises) which would enable them to maintain their potential in a continually shifting market. Quality of service – Reliable, proactive support providing a professional response within agreed SLA’s (Service Level Agreements). Working solution – Finding and integrating the appropriate IT solutions to meet your business needs. Cost controlled solution – Managing the cost of the IT and making the overall cost predictable, we started JC Micro LTD to offer companies like yours an “All In One” IT technical support solution, offering high quality services. We can install the kit you need, set up secure connectivity, sort out your data and provide ongoing 24 hour support and monitoring. It’s like having your own IT department but with no salaries to pay and no huge capital outlay, just a predictable, monthly cost that helps you stay in control of your budget! Highly experienced at providing technical support, we strive to ensure that implementation is straightforward and problem free. As a result we have become sought after as a technical services company not only in Nottingham but also throughout the East Midlands.